Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Memphis Music: Tori Tollison

On Saturday night, well actually it was after two on Sunday morning  when I got to my boyfriend's home from Radio-Memphis.com's Live 12 at the Hard Rock. As I attempted to quietly sneak into the cool, dark bedroom J2, my boyfriend, asked, "So, what is Tori Tollison like?"

Although we don't know of any Tori's other than that reality tv 'celebrity' of course he used her whole name.  After all we are in the South, so when referenced it's an individual's whole name. 

I place my camera bag on top of my overnight travel trunk. I sit there contemplating for a minute.

J2 asks, "Oh really?"

I say, "No. It's not bad I'm figuring out how to say it." I paused again. "You know how you hear things about a person, 'She's a rock star,' 'She really rocks,' stuff like that? Well, Tori is all of that. 

She has a reputation as a rock star on the rise. She's beautiful, young, and knows she has this talent. She's confident. She reminds me of Stevie Nicks. I was intimidated to meet her. 

She has fantastic stage presence. Her voice is killer. She could have a swollen ego or an attitude, but she doesn't. She treats each person like they've been her lifelong friends. She doesn't have to be nice to me, but she is. 

The whole night she was surrounded by her students. She had a School of Rock student, a groupie, follow her around the whole Hard Rock. She even took the girl back to show-off the Green Room and how to get on stage. She treated that little girl like the girl is the star. I was amazed.  

Tori is genuinely nice. That'll take her everywhere."

On Sunday evening, Tori and I send some Facebook messages back and forth to each other. I could not help myself, I had to tell her the huge impression she made on me.

 This is how she responds, "That is honestly the most beautiful thing anyone has said to me!!"

She is humble, too. 

Later, she explains, "I make it a point to treat everyone with the respect an kindness they deserve and it's really great to know that someone notices."

Believe me Tori, people do notice. 

We will definitely be seeing much more from this incredibly talented Memphis beauty. Please, show her your support. Purchase Tori's single Bed You Made from iTunes, visit her ReverbNation page, meander over to her YouTube page, and like her on Facebook.

Recently, Tori earned an endorsement from Killer B Guitars. On Saturday night she rocked her new Killer B Guitar for Radio Memphis' Live 12.

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  1. after what happened with me, she showed so much concern. when I thanked her the next day via fb post her response was you are loved. after posting a pic of her, a co worker and myself she comments"my laydeez." You have truly said it, she is geniune and treats everyone as a long time friend. I've been around a lot of artists in my life and this gal is the real deal!