Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bleu's Water Slide Birthday Party

Yesterday, J2, the Little Rottens, and I all hopped in my Go-mobile to travel deep across the Stateline, down into Mississippi to celebrate the Little Rotten's sister's, Bleu, birthday party.  This incredible little girl turned 10; a whole decade!! 

To celebrate the fantastic Bleu's birthday she was provided a giant, inflatable water slide birthday party. I could not wait to slap on my swimming suit, put my camera in it's new underwater bag, and join the festivities.   

The slide towered over twenty feet in the air!  Every time a child slid down, no matter the size of the child, the tower rumbled like thunder.

I even took my turn at climbing into the tower to ride down.  I rode the slide six times in all.  Two times I slipped and I slid down the stairs injuring my arms. The first time I slipped I did not have a grasp on the handles. I tumbled down the ladder stairs like purple and white swirled bowling ball. The line of children who were scurrying up the slide for their turns behind me ended up in a pile in the pool. The second time I slipped I held on to the handles. Children scurried, evacuated the sides, and sat on the walls to prevent another dog pile in the pool. Even though I ended up with an adult sized water slide enema and epic swimming suit wedge I would do it again.  It is a blast!   

Take a look at the good times below.

Maverick, a rare photo without a snear. Photo credit: J2

Pandora making faces at her dad. Photo credit: J2

Bleu's daredevil antics on the water slide.

Phaedra gliding down in style.

GG twists like a log roll down the slide.

The sweetest girl on the block, H had a roaring great time!

MJ sliding down squinch-faced.

I could not figure out how MJ made the biggest slashes.  Cannonball!

C riding down in style.

Maverick sliding in ninja form.

C and Bleu riding down while holding hands.

C, again.

Bleu making a huge splash!

Maverick, Phaedra, and Bleu having a bit of sibling fun.

A avoiding water up the nose.

D screaming the entire way down!

The neighbor kids from down the street joined in the festivities.

Phaedra is having a blast.

C did not like the slide, but she posed for a photo.


All of the kids coming up the slide.  They took their lives into their own hands by following behind me.

All of the kids being silly.

All of the kids. 

Adults with little dog

cousin and girlfriend

Kim and Uncle Chris, sibling love
With all of the neighbors, family, and friends in attendance we surely celebrated Bleu's 10th birthday in style!

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