Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Support Local Music

On the way home from the Radio Memphis studio this evening I see the drummer from Sin City Scoundrels. He is riding his bike north on Cooper. It is 8:30 and the outside temperature is standing at a stifling 95 degrees. Naturally, I pull over and roll down the passenger side window.

The drummer looks annoyed.  

I holler, "Hey, Sin City!"

Chris Hart of Sin City Scoundrels performing at the Haystack in Millington, TN on May 18, 2013.

He stops his bike. With a look of surprise from being recognized a smile spreads across his face, "Yes."

"You going somewhere? Wanna throw you bike in the back of my car? I'll take you."

"Yep. Nope, I'm riding my bike. That was the plan."

"Okay, be safe. Have a good night."

I pull away from the curb.

At this exact moment I realize that this drummer, Chris Hart, does not know who the hell I am. From my vantage point, with the street light above and headlights from oncoming traffic spotlighting him, I recognized him immediately. Besides, I've had the pleasure of photographing the Sin City Scoundrels twice; of course I recognize him! 

For all he knows, minding his own business, straddling his bike on the sidewalk I was just a weirdo with a female voice from inside a soccer-mom vehicle. I might as well have offered him some candy or promised him a kitten if he got in my vehicle. 

So, Memphis Musicians be aware, if I see you walking or biking in the summer heat or in the cold of winter I will stop to offer you a ride. I'm not a crazed, lunatic fan. I am Averill. I photograph for I support local music. 

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